내가 개발 총지휘한 것임. 한땀 한땀…

문의사항은 teraglass@teracle.com 으로 연락하면 됩니다. 7/7 맨하튼 리츠칼튼 쇼케이스는 미국 쪽 마케팅 매니저들이 주관할 거임.

현재 미국에 총 14대 보내 놨음.

Event Details
Come to the Ritz Carlton and learn more about Teracle, Inc, an education IT solutions company!  We will be introducing our newest product- a head mounted display with 3D capabilities called TeraGlass.  Enjoy free food and drink while you network with one of the newest, most innovative contributors to the eLearning and education technology world!
This product showcase and networking event will include- presentations about Teracle, Inc. and the TeraGlass, meetings with the staff to discuss business partnership opportunities, live demos of the TeraGlass, and Q/A sessions.
Connect with like-minded, driven business people who share a passion for education and technology
Learn more about TeraGlass and experience it first-hand
Meet Teracle, Inc. and find out more about the company and its people
Expand your business with investment opportunities in HMD technology
Teracle, Inc. is built upon the philosophy that education should be easily accessible to everyone.  Through the use of modern technology, we strive to create learning platforms for the next generation of tech-savvy students.  Established in January 2013, Teracle, Inc. has been working to revolutionize the experience of learning by offering a variety of educational services for both PC and mobile devices.
TeraGlass is a head mounted display (HMD) solution that is wearable and handsfree.  When you want to study from a 3D course or enjoy videos alone, you can fully immerse yourself with the TeraGlass and block out all distractions.  You can experience all your visual entertainment through the lens of a lightweight, high-definition device that is tailored to your style.

via Teracle, Inc. TeraGlass Showcase Event Tickets, New York | Eventbrite.


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