LG화학 난징 쪽 막내급 아이가 클리앙에 LG화학의 110% 정도 수준이라 언급한 회사가 이 회사인데, 이 회사가 자사의 EV Applications에 관한 시각이 아래와 같다.

정말 허접한 리튬이온폴리머 이차전지를 제조한다고 말을 많이 듣던 회사가, 어느새 상전벽해가 되어 애플사에 공급하는 가장 강력한 리튬이온폴리머 이차전지 회사 중 하나가 되었다는…

ATL recommends prismatic cells for electric vehicle applications. ATL offers standard electrical vehicles battery cells with capacity steps like 20/40/60/80Ah or specific customized design based on unique requirement of high volume usage customers. The electrical vehicle battery cells are generally divided into high power density and high energy density types catering for different needs for HEV/PHEV and full EVs. This type of battery cells are specially designed for high reliability and longevity as far as durability for vehicle applications. These battery products are available in various levels of integration, ranging from single discrete cells, to modules formed by aggregation of cells, to complete battery packs finished with all sensors and switches, software, communication interfaces and battery management system. Either customers purchase single discrete cells or complete battery pack system or subsystems, ATL provides design and technical supports to assist customers in the system integration process.”

via Amperex Technology Limited.


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